Jul 26, 2010

UFS PRO Service Suite v1.0.0 Full

UFS PRO Service Suite 
v1.0.0 Full nokia unlockUFSPRO Service Suite
NOW IT S 4 U 4 FREE WITH UR UFS BOX- Read/Write Product Code directly to phone (will work on DCT4/DCT4+/WD2/BB5)
- Read/Write Security Code directly to phone (will work on DCT4/WD2/BB5)
- Could CHK UPP ID (usefull when checking if phone still responding)
- Can backup DCT4 Rpl Support: ASIC 2,5,6,7 (only if PM 208 is present)
- LCD Contrast Resetting Example: 1112 due to wrong unlocking got Blurred LCD

- This feature you need to click to fix
- Vibra Testing with Selectable Range:0 to 255
- Buzzer Testing with Selectble Range:0 to 255
- LED Testing Such as; Display Light, Keypad Light and Rhythmic Light
- WatchDog Tester for DCT4/WD2 Phones to check if 30 seconds off or not;-)
- CHECKING Phone memory supported some dct4 phones (tested on 3510i)
- Reset LifeTimer (will work on DCT4/DCT4+/WD2/BB5)
- Phone mode selection | Local, Normal, Test mode
- Powering mobile to check keypad if ok
- Could Reset Factory Defaults, User data, Leave Factory, Service Centre, Software Upgrade and
Production tune


Supported phones:
-2626 - 2610 - 1110i - 1112 - 2310 - 6030b - 1208 - 1200 - 1650 -1208b-1200b
Unlock Smamsung
A series,C series,E series,M series,S series,Other series,Samsung D900
Unlock All Nokia series
Source : free-gsm-unlock.blogspot.com

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