Aug 17, 2010

Just Another Unlocker v2.4

Supported Modeles
Here is the first (very early beta)
version of Just Another Unlocker by Harald kubovy-ooxtcoo (PM120 Repair Tool (new).
it supports at the moment ONLY the phones with hash: CAEEBB65D3C48E6DC73B49DC5063A2EE00000000
programm check if hash is supported... 
it is NOT a reshacked version of known programms 
make always backups, because as i sayed it is a totaly unfinished programm, 
at the moment it is just a demo 
USE ONLY UFS, JAF support is not finished... 
pm308 backup reading need mutch time (dont know way i try to solve this) 
but unlocking is realy fast (after reading pm308) 
you need to right the unlocked pm fields genereated with this unlocker with any tool like jaf, mt box, ufs or any other... 
direct unlocking is in work... 
sx4 server is the next 
also other hashes is the next too.  

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