Aug 20, 2010

Tricks code by Mehmood Riaz

Supported Models
nokia,samsung,lg,motorola,sony ericsson
network code,software version,call test,memory status,
reset menu,factory mode,engineer mode,auto test,clean test records,
restore default settings,Show IMEI & SW version
Reset to Factory Defaults (with SIM), Unlocking from Network
Deactivate Barring Groups,Add Barring Groups
Menu2 Code - BE4 Menu2 - turn long CALL,Fast change language
check the IMEI,To check the firmware version and date
activates Enhanced Full Rate,deactivates Half Rate.
check the SIM clock status.,To activate the GPRS and Packet Common Control
Channel(PCCCH) supports.deactivate ,check the manufacturing serial number
and other


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