Aug 20, 2010

Unlock spv C500-C550-C600 Free

Supported Models
unlock spv
C500-C550-C600 free
other SPV without Internet
  1. Connect the phone to your computer, and verify ActiveSync connects ok.
  2. Download and copy to the phone using ActiveSync. Make sure you use the zip file - the .exe alone will not properly work, and the phone can handle zip files natively.
  3. Using the File Manager (Start, more, more, accessories, file manager on my phone) navigate to the directory you saved the file to, open the .zip file, and run the regedit.exe file inside.
  4. To "application unlock" the phone, change the following registry values:
    In: HKLM/Security/Policies/Policies
    Change 00001001 from current value to 1
    Change 00001005 from current value to 40
5:- Download & copy to SPV & Install

6:- Download the Wiza Unlocker
     Lokiwiz03, Run LokiwizMsl.bat & wait for the code.

7:- Enter the code & Enjoy.
     Make sure that your Windows Mobile is Connected &  Recognized with Active Sync.

ceutil.dll+rapi.dll are in lokiwiz03.rar

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