Aug 16, 2010

Unlock spv m650 Free

Supported Modeles:
Unlock SPV M650,HTC P3300

1. Download: ( (it contains all we need),then unzip it to a folder and open that folder ( you got 4 items).

2. Install (WST_v4.2.2_Setup).

3. Device must be connected with another SIM-Card in it, and synced to PC by ActiveSync 4.5 (green icon on tray).

4. Run (Wizard Service Tool), click first"Enab. RAPI + Unsigned App" then click"repair imei" and then enter the new IMEI:355046015665718 (save your current original IMEI before change - you have to go back to it later) .

5. Start (SIM_Unlock), wait a moment,when program asks for key".unl" file, select the "xxx.unl". if PC restart you need to use a fresh windows just formated

6. Start (Wizard Service Tool), click and change to your original IMEI
Download is here

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