Aug 16, 2010

Unlock HTC S300 (HTC P3600) Free

Supported Modeles:
It can be used in all HTC Trinity devices, this includes the following:
Unlock HTC P3600 / Dopod D810 / Dopod CHT 9100 / Orange SPV M700 / Vodafone VPA Compact

1. Transfer SSPL/SSPL-TRIN.exe to your phone and run it
2. Tri color screen will appear
3. Disable activesync (file -> connection settings -> uncheck "allow USB connections")
4. Connect your phone to your computer using the USB lead.
5. run RUU/ROMUpgradeUtility.exe
6. follow the flashing process (Check the "I understand..." and "I completed..." boxes and update!)
7. Allow your phone to reboot.
8. Transfer TRIN_Unlock_v3.exe program to your phone and run it
9. Click the Unlock Button, select unlock option. Select if you want SIM/CID unlock.
10. Click "Unlock!" and wait until process finishes.
11. When done, turn off your phone for 10 seconds and reboot after that.


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